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I would like to thank all of you for the excellent work you have done ... and how quickly you have finished the requested tasks. I am extremely happy that I chose you as the developer...

L. Albright, CEO

I want to thank your team for your outstanding work building our spare parts and warranty fulfillment website based on X-Cart. We found you to be very technically competent and highly knowledgeable on the intricacies of the X-Cart product...You delivered a great product on time and satisfied our requirements with very little iteration.

M. Soderberg, President
Boa Technology

Real X did a great job on my X-Cart template. I am very happy with the work and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making a fantastic X-Cart website!

L. Demitri, Manager
Sinew Therapeutics

Thanks to you and your team the site that you have produced is not only beautiful but really customer friendly and has already shown an increase in our orders even at this early date... I would highly recommend you to anyone.

A. Firestone, CEO
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Custom X-Cart Skins That Move Your Shoppers Into Action

What attracts shoppers once they visit your web store and view your your products or services? Frequently the assumption is to be the pricing, the description of the products, and their photos. But have you ever given considered how the skin (the layout of pages, the graphic frame around the main area, the colors and fonts chosen, and other fine graphic elements) can improve your site and help make the sale?

More often than not, the first thing in your web store that attracts a visitor is the design.

And X-Cart lets you customize your web store skin so that it becomes all the more enticing for the user to navigate, find what they want, and ultimately - buy.

A Good X-Cart Skin is a must

Are you contemplating the need for a custom X-Cart skin for your website? There is a tremendous impact that an eye-catching skin can provide for your store. X-Cart themes can be made based on the nature of the website. For instance, a tire site or a car parts web store can do well with a metallic look, where the images of the cars and tires stand out, creating an attractive experience that would compel more visitors to actually purchase the products.

A good custom X-Cart skin not only improves the appeal of your website but also makes your customers visit your store over and over. Most shoppers are moved to explore the details of the website after their first look at a well-designed X-Cart skin or a custom template.

Though a custom X-Cart skin can sometimes be more time consuming and costly to create, it offers the flexibility for modifications at a later date AND the uniqueness for your website.

Principles of good Skin Design

The creation of an attractive custom X-Cart skin is comprised of several factors.

  1. Clean and logical. A good X-Cart skin follows a logical layout. The most important factor for an X-Cart skin to be appealing is the fact that it is logically created such that the visitor also understands the overall layout and website organization style almost instantly.
  2. Navigation. A proper X-Cart design promotes smart navigation. A clever navigation layout ensures that the visitor does not have any difficulty in navigating through the website looking for details or specific information.
  3. Color and font. The X-Cart design means savvy color and font selection. The X-Cart themes can be chosen based on the requirements of the individual web store. For instance, a perfume store may appear with the use of vibrant colors that convey the essence and mood of various fragrances. Other X-Cart themes may involve the use of lighter and less bright shades as in the case of jewelry where prominence must not be taken away from the subtlety of the jewelry item. Yet the custom X-Cart skin must enhance the appeal of the website.
  4. White space. An X-Cart design also involves proper utilization of white space. Jammed information may spoil the effectiveness of the layout and also disrupts the efficient conveyance of the sales message. That is why the proper use of white space is a major component of good X-Cart templates. When a customer visits the company’s web store, it is the first screen or the home page that matters the most. The old saying goes that the ‘First impression is the best impression’ That is why the X-Cart design for the first screen should be given maximum attention.
  5. SEO-considerate. The ideal X-Cart skins are also designed for Search Engine Optimization.

All of these aspects must be addressed during the production of the X-Cart design. Furthermore, the creation of the design and subsequently converting it to an X-Cart skin involve delicate issues that are best handled by an experienced X-Cart programmer.

A custom X-Cart skin or a pre-made template?

Now you must be wondering why to go with a custom X-Cart template when there are so many ready-made templates that offer different X-Cart themes and X-Cart designs, some are even for free. That is when you need to consider the advantages of using a custom X-Cart skin.


A custom X-Cart skin offers uniqueness to your website. Imagine your site looking like many other sites on the internet and ponder if it would be interesting for your visitor to view product information in a store that looks and acts like other stores they visited already.

That is why unique X-Cart skins can help you create a look specifically tailored for your brand. This is a way of establishing your brand and sustaining it by changing certain features as and when you please.


A custom X-Cart template offers the added advantage of gaining full control over all the modifications that you would like to make in the website at a future date.

You need them both

A great designer, and an experienced X-Cart programmer

Now that you know that you need a custom X-Cart design that suits the needs of your website, you need to also understand that the task is best accomplished by a designer who understands shopping carts.

This way the designer is better able to realize the needs for a shoppers’ site and include elements in the X-Cart template accordingly. Along with a designer, an X-Cart programmer is also involved in the creation of the X-Cart skins for your website. The X-Cart programmer understands the graphic design for the X-Cart template and is well equipped in web presentation methods that are essential to build an attractive X-Cart skin.

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