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What Real X Clients Say

I would like to thank all of you for the excellent work you have done ... and how quickly you have finished the requested tasks. I am extremely happy that I chose you as the developer...

L. Albright, CEO

I want to thank your team for your outstanding work building our spare parts and warranty fulfillment website based on X-Cart. We found you to be very technically competent and highly knowledgeable on the intricacies of the X-Cart product...You delivered a great product on time and satisfied our requirements with very little iteration.

M. Soderberg, President
Boa Technology

Real X did a great job on my X-Cart template. I am very happy with the work and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making a fantastic X-Cart website!

L. Demitri, Manager
Sinew Therapeutics

Thanks to you and your team the site that you have produced is not only beautiful but really customer friendly and has already shown an increase in our orders even at this early date... I would highly recommend you to anyone.

A. Firestone, CEO
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Good X Cart Designers Can Make Your Web Store Eye-Catching

A Fantastic One Will Make It Sizzle

These days web store visitors are not content with just great prices, wide selection, and fast service. They expect a great shopping experience as well.  And such experience usually begins with a well thought out site layout and navigation, and ends with finishing touches of a professional graphic design.

The challenge

When a web designer is given a clean slate to design a web site, they can let their imagine rein and come up with all sorts of advanced looks.  Not so when dynamic content needs to be injected into the page (like products, categories, and descriptions).  The web designer then needs to take into consideration things like template, expected color scheme, fonts, CSS layout, JavaScript (dynamic) browser behavior and other web-specific issues.  Add to that the store's existing branding (logo, tag line, theme) and the level of complexity can rise real fast.
X-Cart and its templating engine is something that needs to be learnt.  The "regular" graphic designer/web designer can miss on these and other X-Cart special features and may design a look that cannot be practically integrated with X-Cart.  That is why you need to look for

The experienced X-Cart designer

Ideally your designer will have the following skills
  • Strong graphic design background, proven through a portfolio of sites they designed
  • Excellent understanding how X-Cart works and how information is presented
  • Good knowledge of PHP and Smarty templates (the technologies X-Cart uses)
  • Language and communication skills to explain to the store owner what can (and more importantly - what cannot) be done
Admittedly, finding all these skills in one person is possible but rare.  The more practical alternative is to use a pair of professionals: a great graphic designer, and an experienced X-Cart programmer.  Working hand-in-hand with the store team each brings to the table the skills and the requirements to make the new X-Cart design both attractive and functional.

Where to find your X-Cart designer or design team

There are many good graphic designers.  There are quite a few professional X-Cart programmers.  You can find each type by googling them.  Finding the combination of both, or a team that would get you the creative level you want - that's a different story.
Luckily our company has such professionals and teams already in place.  You can work with our X-Cart design team by
or filling the online
Check our work and remember: the design of you X-Cart store will have a direct effect on its success.  Make yours stand out by working with a professional X-Cart designer.

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