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What Real X Clients Say

I would like to thank all of you for the excellent work you have done ... and how quickly you have finished the requested tasks. I am extremely happy that I chose you as the developer...

L. Albright, CEO

I want to thank your team for your outstanding work building our spare parts and warranty fulfillment website based on X-Cart. We found you to be very technically competent and highly knowledgeable on the intricacies of the X-Cart product...You delivered a great product on time and satisfied our requirements with very little iteration.

M. Soderberg, President
Boa Technology

Real X did a great job on my X-Cart template. I am very happy with the work and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making a fantastic X-Cart website!

L. Demitri, Manager
Sinew Therapeutics

Thanks to you and your team the site that you have produced is not only beautiful but really customer friendly and has already shown an increase in our orders even at this early date... I would highly recommend you to anyone.

A. Firestone, CEO
Home X-Cart Development Programmer

X-Cart Programmer

- Levels Above the Average PHP programmer

X-Cart poses certain challenges a "regular" PHP programmer is simply not equiped to handle. Granted, all great X-Cart programmers were once "just" PHP programmers. However they have learnt their lessons and gained experience at other stores. Not yours.

You want a ready-to-go programmer

  • Who know the ropes of X-Cart
  • Who has several X-Cart projects under their belt
  • Who knows where are the stumbling blocks in the code (and how to stay away from them)
  • Who will test the modified store after completing their work and hand you a clean store with no bugs they created
  • Who is available to support your store after completing the work should anything happen
  • Who will be around in case you need other modifications and/or changes to the work they have done for you

In short - you are loooking for a professional.

X-Cart is complex. Don't try it at home.

X-Cart is feature-rich. Out of the box most store owners will be satisfied with the functionality it comes with. For the other 10%, customization and modifications to Xcart are needed to meet their specific business and workflow procedures.

eCommerce has many issues to take into consideration. From integration with other systems, to certain ways you want your customers to interact with the store, to special shipping restrictions your business has. More likely than not - you need an X Cart programmer.

And as much as you want to improve your online business, you also want to make sure that existing functionality you are happy with does not break. And that revised system you want will work and deliver the results you expect.

Cheap can prove to be expensive

Sound simple and logical. But in reality many things can go wrong. Now if your store is already live, causing the store to not function in the hands of an inexperienced programmer can cause real damage. Something that can be measured in real Dollars. And frequently - lots of them.

So it is not the attractive price some programmers offer by which you need to make a decision. It should be the overall cost - development and business - by which you need to decide. That said, you can find an inexpensive X-Cart programmer that would be a start and fulfill your requirements quickly and efficiently. But if your bargain programmer causes damage to your store, you gains by employing "cheap" development can be offset and even washed out completely by the business losses you'd suffer.

It is better to work with an expert

Our XCart programmers have several years experience with this wonderful shopping system. They have worked with Xcart designs, X-cart modifications, installation and configuration, integration and mods creation, and troubleshooting. In short - they are experienced. And that's what you need.

What to do next

Dealing with an experienced firm that knows a thing or two about X-Cart - and can prove it, will give you the peace of mind you desire while you keep taking care of your business.

To schedule your 15 minutes free consultation with one of our analysts please contact us or fill our free quote form. It could prove be the best decision you've made.

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